Dear Mr. Ruben Diaz Jr   


Once again I am aghast at the arrival of Bronx week.  Now in its 45th year it seems to somehow become even more underwhelming than the year before. In your open letter addressing us, the people, you boast honoring the best that the borough has to offer yet time and time again Bronxters  are left wondering “Is this really the best we have?”.  Your halfhearted attempt at celebrating our people has gas-lit an entire Community into believing we just aren’t good enough for… well, anything. Bronx week has become nothing more than a celebration of mediocrity and your overt political corruption.

Mr. Diaz once again you have robbed us. You have stolen our time and our dignity among many other things. You are the reason why people are ashamed to call the Bronx their home.

You do not represent us sir and we will no longer allow you to  malign the good name of the Bronx. The name that the best of our Borough,  the mothers, the fathers, leaders, lenders, children and friends, have fought for.  Bronx week is a week devoted to the people who matter most to this borough, not you or your misguided and deeply egocentric intent.

So Mr. Diaz, we ask that you fulfill your civic duty. The people, well 50,000 of them anyway, elected you to perform a task which you have yet to successfully complete. We ask that you listen to us Mr. Diaz, that you accurately portray our needs and wants and we DEMAND that you represent our people. All of them…



An Official Bronxter.