1. We demand the freedom to determine the future of our borough’s communities.
  2. We demand full employment for the people of the Bronx, IN THE BRONX. There is no reason why the borough that exports almost 50% of the city’s produce, meat, groceries and textiles should also be forced to outsource its workers in order to help bolster the economies of the other already flourishing counties.
  3. We demand decent and affordable housing.
  4. We demand decent education for all Bronxters. Why must a child already deprived of a decent meal, or bed to sleep, also sacrifice the opportunity to better themselves and in turn their families through public education.
  5. We demand quality health care for both the physically and mentally ill.
  6. We demand the city pay reparations for the catastrophic events that occurred in the South Bronx after the construction of the “Cross-Bronx” and “Sheridan” expressways.
  7. We demand the Bronx be recognized for their significant contributions to art and culture in New York City.   
  8. We demand the MTA issue a “fare waiver” for all residents of the Bronx. We will consider this a small token towards rectifying the immense damage the Transportation Authority inflicted on our borough during Robert Moses’ reign of terror.
  9. We demand the government invest in all the communities of the Bronx, through public art projects, through free youth programming, through free senior care, through establishing an LGBTQ center. We are a city of communities and they should all be represented.
  10. We demand that the capitalist’s end their agenda to purchase and remove Bronx natives in order to satiate the affluent gentries thirst for “new” lands. YOU CANNOT DISCOVER US! WE ARE HERE! WE ARE LIVING! WE ARE THE BRONX!

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