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pearl-cluster-earrings-studs pearl cluster earrings studs

pearl cluster earrings studs – Pearls make wonderful earrings and are worn by women and men through the ages. What more delicate and more desirable decoration is there than that gently glowing globe trembling on the earlobe? On a visit to view the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London lately, I was fascinated to see the Imperial State Crown. Here is the crown that is worn by Kings and Queens of England when they have been crowned in Westminster Abbey.

See the four, enormous drop rings dangling from the centre of the crown? It’s believed that two of these fabulous gems were earrings worn by Queen Elizabeth I of England. Lucky lady!

Nowadays we can all wear pearl earrings and they come in a huge number of fashions. To start with you will find the classic and very chic single pearl studs, wearable for many occasions. I’ve had mine for years and that I do not feel “dressed” till I’ve put them on. Freshwater pearls may be dyed in all the colors of the rainbow and the dyeing doesn’t impact the lustre of the stone, so a pair of pearls to match any ensemble is definitely on the cards. Set a pearl with a sparkling crystal stone and you’ve got earrings match to party in, also.

Pendant pearls do not need to be a single stone, like Queen Elizabeth’s. The “grape cluster” design is equally dramatic but also delicate. The lovely grape cluster earrings are graceful and timeless. I really like the mixture of pale peach pearls with white. It’s a combination that only breathes youthfulness and elegance. For sheer, captivating prettiness, you can possess these bell flower earrings with petite freshwater pearls clustered within a blossom and topped with another white pearl. They are a perfect gift for your fashion conscious lady.

These are extended earrings, almost into the shoulder and only fabulous for wearing in the day. These Lavender Peach Long Pearl Earrings cost a modest amount of money. These are no standard pearls but Baroque pearls, each one unique. Looking at these amorous gems it’s simple to see why they have been called “mermaid’s tears”.

There’s something about gun metal grey or black pearls that is really appealing. The grey and black pearls are associated with Wisdom in pearl symbolism.

And for a “conversation piece” – a true show-stopper of an earring.

I don’t cease being amazed at the huge variety of shapes made by pearl oysters. It’d be such fun to wear such Purple White Baroque Pearl Earrings!

The purple pearls look for all the world like birds and can come in many different color combinations.

Can you need white, grey, blue, green or pink or a mixture of two or more colors? The variations of form and colour and the combinations of both for these earrings are endless. So, fun and jazzy, cool classic cream or white or sophisticated and elegant black, grey or gun-metal, pearl earrings will give any outfit a elevator!

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