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horizontal-earrings horizontal earrings

horizontal earrings – It’s also called a helix piercing when performed on the helix or upper area of the ear cartilage. Either way, it involves the area of the outer ear that doesn’t have much flesh. Maybe it is not as painful as there may be less neurological sensation in the region. However, some will most likely have another opinion as they remember their ears wrung in their childhood.

Although this kind of piercing is similar to the one at the ear lobe, the process is considered more complex. There have been instances whereby incorrect procedures or that performed by inexperienced piercers have caused ridges or bumps on the healed cartilage of the ear. To avoid such mishaps, consult staff and piercing centers.

Based on how big your outer ear along with your guts, the amount of cartilage piercings can be a single piercing or a line from helix towards the end. Your ear can be a veritable jewelry showcase to exhibit a rainbow coloured trail, which range from the simple ring or stud, to fancier options.

As all body piercings are invasive procedures, keep good hygiene after obtaining them done. Keep the area clean and sterile with antibacterial creams or lotions. Since it is at your ear, then take extra caution when combing or running your hands through your hair. If you’re the sporty kind of folks, it is ideal to steer clear of body contact activities. You do not want to inadvertently yank on your ear or snag on something different, causing further complications. To hasten the healing process, practice a healthy eating lifestyle with loads of vegetables, fruits and fluids.

If you are not convinced with this piercing, perhaps you can start with clip-on or self-adhesive earrings. As soon as you’ve accumulated enough resolve, possibly a helix piercing may be a good place to get started. Insert on because you get accustomed to jewelry liner your ears. Whatever you do, try to avoid the fashion freaks who prefer to link their ears to their noses with jewelry. That is a sure recipe for disaster.

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